WELCOME to the Northern Florida Christian Center website!
We're located in Suwannee County, Northern Florida, in the community of O'Brien. The NFCC is an interdenominational, Spirit-filled, Christ-exalting, Christian living center. It is a place of beautiful fellowship for Christians of all ages, touching people with the love of Jesus. Visitors often sense the presence of the Lord as they drive onto the Center grounds!
SpacerImage: Picture at first entrance intersection at the Northern Florida Christian Center, with Directions sign in foreground.Spacer
NFCC is comprised of 240 acres of moss-laden oak trees, shaded pine glades and gently rolling, green fields. It provides a restful, natural environment for total Christian living. Whether living on the Center grounds, attending the church services or simply enjoying the recreation facilities and nature trail, you will find the Center a restful, natural place to commune with your Creator. The grounds are a place where His peace resides!
ResourcesSpacerBeing as this is a brand new website, we will be adding some significant resources (by comparison with our previous site) and will be updating several pages on a regular basis:

This HOME page will be where we post any relevant News & Current Events, and also where we post our Upcoming Events. Please check back with us here regularly, to stay abreast of the latest Center-related happenings.

Our MEDIA section is brand new, and will be regularly updated with pictures and more. We will be expanding what we offer to our visitors, by integrating Podcasts which you can listen to and download, if you wish. We will eventually offer even more downloadable, viewable and listenable media, as this site continues to grow.

  Image: Book store display of available books in the NFCC office.
Other resources can be found in the NFCC STORE. Whether you wish to expand your Biblical / spiritual knowledge or simply be refreshed, there are a host of books and video tapes available for purchase and fast shipping to anywhere around the globe. This section will also be expanding regularly, as new materials are offered and more selections are made available here.

We have a long-standing tradition of raising up and supporting Christian leaders throughout the world. We wish to build on that foundation, by offering even more through what is presented on this new site.

We appreciate your interest and support, and invite you to check back with us regularly as we endeavor to do so. If you have any questions, or need additional information about anything, please don't hesitate to CONTACT us.

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